I am by the name Christine Harriet Apolot, I am 23 years old now. I am surely going to write about myself.

I am the second born out of four children. In 2002 I lost my parents, both died in the same year. May father died in March 2002 and my mother in August 2002. By then I was in primary six.  Life really was not easy for us at home. We were too desperate - didn’t have anything to eat but still life could go on. In 2003 I sat for my primary leaving exam and passed.

I joined senior one at Bishop Maraka College but I was just pushing myself there since I didn’t have school fees. I was always chased from school and I could always go back and cry in my bed. Then in second term of S1 I was still denied to do exams since I didn't have school fees. While at home I could always meet my Director of studies and could ask me why am I always not at school.

A week later Rev Obilau come home looking for orphans and I was chosen among the four. I was very happy that my dream was coming true and it really came true. A week later I saw the Edith’s Home people by then I was really young. I was interviewed and successfully qualified for the sponsorship. I started normal studies and passed in O’level.  I then joined Mbale secondary school for my senior 5 and 6. I joined university in 2010 and did a diploma in Development Studies - completed in 2012.  I could wonder that now I have finished university where will I get a job from?  I applied for the job of social worker with Edith’s Home. I was called for interview and was successful and called to work as a social worker with the child headed families.

Sincerely life has changed because at heart what I earn has helped to solve some problems and even pay tuition for my brother Moses.  I continue encouraging the UK team to help orphans since orphans in Uganda find their life is better through education.

Christine Aplolot, 23 years old, works as social worker for Edith’s Home