From Grass to Grace through Edith’s Home

A journey I will live to tell in many forms for I am the living testimony. After a very long struggle with horrible problems which never seemed to come to an end. As others had a baby sleep at night my bed was wet with tears.

The Lord’s Resistance Army rebels destroyed so many lives and property unforgettable. So many became orphans, others widows and others widowers. Abduction was there left and right. In security and death seized our land like a raging lion. We were homeless and hopeless. My late father left my aunt with a heavy burden on her shoulders; a helpless woman without any asset to help the huge extended family. Other than having assets we had lots of liabilities. As others has food to eat, clothes to wear we toiled looking around for what to eat, begging from them.

Sadness and depression were nearer us than anything else. There was no sunshine at home. As others studied we were sent home for fees, we were almost school dropouts.  Suddenly the hand of the Lord came upon me - I was picked to be one of the children sponsored by Edith’s Home.  This was after we as a family has cried to the Almighty God to uproot us out of the mess we were in.

I was fortunate to be picked by Mum Liz and Dad John Turnbull as their sponsored student by this great organisation. Shouts of hosannah and halleluyah filled my heart. As a family we said Amen. Truly the story changed. There was sunshine everywhere.

Caroline Anyait, August 2013