The child sponsorship scheme began in 2005 with just 8 students who were progressing from primary to secondary education. Over the years this has really grown and we have supported 80 young people through education some of whom are currently still studying. The scheme has given them a variety of opportunities and the option of pursuing academic or vocational courses.  We have one student studying medicine and several others have qualified in nursing and teaching and are now in employment.

The sponsorship scheme is small and offers the UK sponsor the opportunity to really connect with their sponsor child through sending letters and sharing a little of their lives with them.  This connection is priceless to the student and is a real source of encouragement to them in their studies and also serves to build up the students sense of self worth which has often been eroded.

For £30 per month a student can be put through their secondary education  - this pays for their school fees, medical supplies, uniform, school books and other essential items.

For £50 per month a student can be put through further vocational training - for example qualifications in catering and motor mechanics, this can also support a student through their nursing a teacher training.

This scheme really does change lives and due to Edith's Home having no paid UK staff you can be confident your giving directly benefits the student you are sponsoring. Please get in touch if interested in making a real difference to a child's life.