Indeed God helped me to score 1st grade in S4.  In 2010, I met my boyfriend Robert and we are engaged to be married.  He’s pursuing a diploma in Planning and Management at Kyambogo University Kampala.

I continued with my sponsorship until this present time, now that I am in Ngora School of Nursing pursuing a certificate course to become an enrolled comprehensive Nurse.  I will graduate this year.

Babra's Future Plans

Babra wishes to build a clinic in the community.  We are currently assessing the feasibility of this project with her but if you would like to help build it then do contact us!

My statistical studies were helpful in identifying some of the community needs in my district and the entire country Uganda, as far as unemployment, nepotism, tribalism corruption and political differences among others are concerned.  

Through my findings, I sighted out that a medical centre was a priority and this would help provide a midpoint for better treatment due to scarcity of hospitals in relation to the fast growing population.  The clinic will service minor ailments in the community.

Besides that, I also aim to provide abundant labour of various kinds and to provide a professional research place for both theoretical and empirical findings.

There is a possibility that, approximately 20 trained and equipped staff shall be employed in terms of their qualifications of which they will later have the ability to meet their house hold needs.

There is good will as far as the level of community participation is concerned in that people are extremely ready to sell enough land for operation.

I believe this project will relate to other projects in that just like other projects, it’s also directed to reducing community vulnerability among unemployed people for professional research and also to equip people with basic skills.

It’s therefore rightful to assert, that with all this urge to bracket out the problems, there are also capacity limitations that are evident in implementing this project like structures, funds among others.