Child Sponsorship

Many orphans in Uganda lack educational opportunities.  Those that take them in seldom have the funds to send them to school along with their own children.  Edith's Home offers both a child sponsorship scheme for children up to secondary school age and a higher education grant to gifted students who have scored exceptionally high grades.

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Babra's Story In Her Own Words

Babra (pictured right) has been sponsored through both secondary and higher education and is qualifying as a nurse this year.  The story below includes her hopes to set up a community based clinical in her community using her new training.

Parents  Okebesi John Bosco (Father) and Alupo Grace (Mother)  

Name        Babra Rose  Agwang  born 27th January 1992 

I am the first born in a family of 4 children. It’s unfortunate that my father was unknown to me.  After my mother died, I lived with my grand-parents happily while helping them with domestic work.

In my early age before I joined for my primary school I lost my loving grandmother Asio Annet, whom I called mother. 

The cause of her death was not told to me. Later when I grew up, I was concerned to ask what could have killed her. My other relatives told me it was cancer.

In 1998 I joined school for my primary level. Though I used to walk a long distance of almost 5kms to school, I managed to pass very well with second grade. 

It was indeed the beginning of my suffering, because I had no hope of joining anywhere for my secondary education, since my poor grandfather could not afford school fees.

Surprisingly in the year 2005, one of my relatives on the father’s side who claimed to be my aunt came and told me she would love me to stay with me at her home in Komodo village while helping her with domestic work.  As she promised to pay my school fees, with no objection I went along with her.

On a sad note, my aunt’s home was a bar where she used to make a local brew called ajon in our local language.  I started secondary school in Ngora Girl’s Senior Secondary School; this was both a day and boarding Secondary School. In our senior one, we were only seven day scholars in a class of 138 students.

On many occasions, I would reach school late because I had to fetch water, wash plates and attend to early customers.

I thank God many times for my performance in 2nd position in first term, though I did not have time for revision. Second term I scored the same. The school administration became concerned and they provided a boarding place for my third term tuition. I greatly improved and dominated the 1st position until I was sponsored by Edith’s Home sponsorship. My performance later gave me a position of an academics prefect at school.

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