Patrick's Story

In 2004 our father passed away (died) is when then we saw our mother come for burial ceremony but after she again decided to go back to their home left me with the whole 7 children including the one she had taken at first. Through people’s messages to her about our suffering she came back and started living with us at our father’s home. As time went on she could experience frequent malaria, so she decided also to go for HIV/AIDs test and she was found positive. She broke down but after some time got courage and joined TASO and started swallowing drugs (ARV’s) which actually kept her cope for some time.

Shortly, we lived with her; land wrangles emerged between her and our father’s relatives (brothers) where by their aim was to grab all the piece of land that our father actually left for us. I decided to join my Mother and we called for the Clan meeting. During the meeting, they resolved that the land belongs to the widow and her children no one should be got encroaching on it. So we struggled with our Mother in Agriculture and managed to buy some goats, chicken that she used to sell to send me back to school but still with no peace from relatives.

Being HIV/AIDs victim there was no widow inheritance as culturally it would be so the only way was to be punished and eventually wanted to chase them a way since she was not beneficial to any of the deceased’s brother (inserted by social worker)

In 2009 our Mother also becomes bed ridden, unable to do any work and eventually died in 2010 November where by our relatives got the opportunity to grab the little mummy had done for us. There I dropped out of school in primary six to take care of our siblings the youngest being 6 months; Life became so hard for me. I started fishing, offering hard labor in people’s homes and gardens to earn a wage for the daily survival as well as working in our small piece of land for food for the family for 1 year. So information reached my mother’s brothers who came to our home and helped me take two of my young brothers who are still living with them up to date but of course life is hard for them but I can not as well help in the situation.

In 2011, my father’s brothers started chasing me out of the land again; I decided to call for the Clan meeting and the people from my mother’s side who sat to try to iron out the differences between I and my father’s relatives over land but was not helpful to us. So they decided to hunt for my life wanting to kill me. In their attempt to do that, I got to know and reported to Police which prompted the police to go along with me home to try to settle the dispute and the uncles got scared a bit and apologized before the police not to repeat the intended act against I and my siblings.

Despite the polices’ intervention into this matter still my uncles are claiming for my life seriously hence my life is at a risk together with my siblings.

I’m so grateful to God for the protection He accorded to I from acquiring HIV/AIDS through helping my parents and my young sibling who were born during the time when my parents were sick. I have tested several times together with them but fortunately we are all negative.

I’m also so thankful to Edith’s Home Child headed project for the Counseling, Guidance, Recognition and Transformation they have done in our family. They have picked me from no body with no hope of worthy living, helpless, rejected with no one to lean on, at the wilderness to somebody. May the almighty God bless them and the works of their hands in the continued struggle and support towards our family so as to see us live improved lives.