Our Partners


At PrimerDesign we are delighted to  support the on-going work and vision of Edith’s Home.  We have a policy of giving 20% of our profits to supporting orphans and businesses in Uganda and much or this is channelled to HIV orphans via Edith’s home.  Over the past three years PrimerDesign has funded the Child-headed families project - supporting over 300 orphans in their own homes.  We also regularly send out teams to visit the orphans, make friends and compile reports for the UK committee.   We are proud to be a part of all that you do and thank you for the opportunity to be so intimately involved in the work of Edith’s home.

Transformational Business Network (TBN)

TBN has a vision of supporting development through business start-ups in resource poor settings. TBN Southampton has worked closely with Edith’s home to start businesses that support and employ orphans.   In a new strategy, we have funded a buy-to-let residential and retail complex in Ngora.  This venture will bring internet services to the village whist generating profits that support the wider aims of Edith’s home.