About Ediths Home

The Edith's Home Project works with total HIV/AIDS orphans in the community of Ngora, a small town in the Teso region of Uganda.

Because of very limited resources, these children are put to the "bottom of the pile" in an already strained family situation. Edith's Home provide sponsorship of school fees and vocational training for orphans and support them psychologically and spiritually. More recently we have extend our work to supporting orphans with no family support (child headed families).  We are helping them to gain independence by set up micro enterprise initiatives to help sustain the project: food storage, farming, business loan schemes and office services. The project began in 2004 and at present supports over 250 orphans in three separate projects.

The charity is a partnership between various Christian groups in the UK and in Uganda.  On the UK side we support the work by listening, funding, praying, encouraging, visiting, and helping them to design programs to achieve their development goals.  Implementation of these projects is achieved entirely by our Ugandan partners working in their local community.

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Pam and Keren's Story

Pam and Keren are the founder members  of Edith's home on the UK side.
Edith’s Home has been borne out of a friendship which goes back 12 years when we made our first trip to Uganda as students on a short term mission trip. We never could have conceived then how that trip would change our lives, and in turn the lives of the many young people who have been part of the work so far. Our first trip to Uganda affected us both profoundly and cemented our friendship, however, it was not until we returned on a similar trip to the same community of Ngora in 2002 when our commitment to the people there was really challenged. Having built a relationship with an elderly lady called Edith we were struck by her vulnerability and that of the many children she cared for when she became desperately ill in 2002. Edith survived to continue caring for her extended family but we both saw clearly the genuine need of her situation and that of many others. On returning to the UK neither of us felt this was need we could pass by.

As very naive new graduates in 2003 we began planning our project and eventually took a team out to start the work in August 2004. In the week prior to leaving we received a gift of £15,000 which gave us confidence we were doing the right thing and gave us the first hint that we could do more than we imagined. We gave out goats to orphans, built an office block and started a feeding project. In 2005 we became a charity and known as Edith’s Home - something we had never thought would be possible with our very little experience and skills!

In the years that have followed we have made several trips back to Uganda and have been privileged to be joined by City Life Church and a group of people committed to the same community who have guided us and now run the charity. It has been a real joy to see how the project has grown and changed over time and we are really excited to see what we can go on to achieve. We have been supported wholeheartedly by our friends and family and now with young families of our own feel the same desire to change lives of other children and young people trapped in poverty.

John and Rose's Story (coming soon)

John and Rose are the founder members of Edith's home on the Ugandan side.